PAF & the Common Core Curriculum

The PAF Reading Program provides the instructional tools to meet the Common Core Reading Standards for Foundational Skills, Literature, Informational Text and Language Standards K-3.

While we meet all the K-3 Common Core requirements, we believe we have a more developmentally appropriate progression of skills and a few differences should be noted.

  • For Foundational Skill goals, our sequence is different. We do not teach long vowels in kindergarten, and some of the first and second grade goals, such as reading and spelling two-syllable phonetic root words and suffixes, are taught earlier.
  • For Literature, we do not teach children to use illustrations as a comprehension strategy when reading fiction.
  • For Informational Text, it is more developmentally appropriate to teach students to use text features and ask them to compare two texts about the same topic with different points, after third grade.