Handwriting is an essential part of a multisensory program. The Handwriting Wizards program offers stand-alone handwriting instruction for print and cursive. 

These easy-to-use books:

  • Teach the letters using large, full page models for tracing
  • Provide verbalizations to guide children as they learn new motor patterns
  • Use each letter to spell and write words
  • Contain strategies to eliminate reversals and confusion about line placement
  • Work for all children including those with fine-motor weaknesses and spatial confusion

Handwriting Wizards for Print is a stand-alone print handwriting book. If your students are using the PAF Reading Program and PAF Skills Books, they do not need the Handwriting Wizards as print handwriting instruction is embedded in the Skills Books. The Handwriting Wizards for Print follows the instructional sequence in the PAF Reading Program.

Handwriting Wizards for Cursive is a stand-alone cursive program that includes thorough practice of letters and letter connections. Teachers also rely on Cursive Wall Strip for instruction. If you are teaching older children to read with the PAF Reading Program, you can use the Handwriting Wizards for Cursive to support your reading instruction.