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ISBN: 978-0-9636471-4-6

Stand By Me
Decodable Chapter Book

PAF Levels 97-129

Initial Blends and R-controlled Vowels -ar and -or
Two-Syllable Root Words: VCV (robot)
Suffixes: -est, -ful, -less
Nonphonetic Words: one, done, none, what, there, some, come, off, walk, talk, where, friend, full

Lexile 590L

With more language and vocabulary that children can decode at this level, the text is denser and the narrative is more descriptive in Stand By MeThe concepts that were taught in the previous books continue to be reinforced.  In addition, the sentence structure continues to increase in complexity with higher-level conjunctions.   

After a long and lonely summer, Ben is happy to be reunited with his best friend Nick - until a new boy complicates their friendship. Will Ben gain a new friend or lose an old one?