The PAF Card Packs are an integral part of the PAF Reading Program. The Alphabet and Key Word Picture Cards contain illustrations of a key word for each sound taught and the letter or letters that make the sound. These picture cards are displayed to help the children remember the sounds. The Review Packs contain letters, letter combinations, non-phonetic words, and homonyms. They are used for the essential Review part of the PAF daily lesson. The PAF Card Packs can also be used as a supplement to any phonics program.

Alphabet Picture Cards

These cards are perfect for kindergarten or first grade classrooms, or for remedial readers who are learning the sounds of the alphabet. Each card contains a picture which corresponds to the sound of the letter, as well as handwriting models of the upper and lower case letters.

Why are the PAF Alphabet Picture Cards unique?
• Contain correct sounds of letters (/ŏ/ as in octopus, not owl)
• Pictures are easily recognizable by children (qu/quilt not quail)
• Sounds are at the beginning of the key word (a/apple not lamb)
• For letters with more than one sound, only the most common sound is taught (g/gate—the /j/ is not taught until much later)
• No pictures are included with initial blends so children can easily isolate the beginning sound

Pocket Chart Alphabet

The pocket chart is used until children have learned all of the letters of the alphabet. It is an excellent technique for teaching sound-symbol awareness and spelling of CVC words.

The pocket chart is used to help children break words into sounds before writing them on paper. The packet contains two of each of the consonants and a peach colored set of vowel cards. Children can see that each word must have a vowel. After introducing a new phonogram, 2-3 words will be spelled on the pocket chart before children are asked to write them on paper.

Review Packs I and II

Review Packs are an excellent way to develop automatic sound-symbol associations which are the bedrock of fluent reading and spelling. Every PAF lesson should begin with a review of recently taught skills and any skills that students still have not mastered. A detailed explanation of the Review part of a PAF lesson can be found in the PAF Handbook.

The Review Packs contain:
• Letters and letter combinations (a, c, qu, ea, -ild)
• Non-phonetic words/Red Words: said, could, enough
• Homonyms (plane/plain)

Review Pack I is for PAF instructional sequence Levels 1-74.
Review Pack II is for PAF instructional sequence Levels 75-215.

Keyword Picture Cards

Keyword picture cards are used after the alphabet has been taught. These cards contain illustrations of words corresponding to the sounds of over 80 letter/sound associations such as:
• Vowel combinations (ai, ee, oo)
• Consonant blends (dr, -ng, spl)
• Silent letter combinations (kn, wr, -mb)
• Digraphs (th, sh, ch)

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